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Frequently asked questions

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How does Duclare automate compliance and organisational processes?
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Duclare leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyse and interpret procedure items. This is achieved through text embeddings of your  documentation, which is then given to the AI model as context. This can be in the form of documents, messages or transcripts. From this all processes can be queried, saved and aligned.
Can I customise the checklists and reports generated by Duclare ?
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Absolutely! Duclare provides flexibility for customisation. You can tailor the checklists and reports to align with your specific industry, regulatory requirements, and organisational preferences.
Does Duclare offer customer support or assistance?
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Absolutely! We provide customer support to assist you throughout your  journey. Our  team is available to answer your questions , address any concerns, and provide guidance to ensure you have a smooth and successful experience with Duclare . We strive to have as lower latency as possible between question and response for all customer support.
How accurate are the search results for relevant business procedures?
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Duclare 's engine employs mathematical similarity equations to return the most relevant sections of a document. We do not actually alter the returned search, so what is return is exactly what is sited in the  data source.We strive to deliver relevant data from your specified source to save all the time required searching for this segmented information.
Can Duclare handle multiple procedure categories or frameworks?
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Yes, Duclare is designed to handle multiple  categories and frameworks simultaneously. Whether you need to comply with industry-specific regulations, international standards, or internal policies, our tool can accommodate and streamline your  efforts across various frameworks.
Can Duclare integrate with other existing  systems or tools?
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Yes, Duclare is designed to integrate seamlessly with other  systems and tools. We understand the importance of interoperability and offer flexible integration options to enhance your existing  infrastructure. Our team can work with you to ensure a smooth integration process and maximise the value of your  ecosystem.

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